You are invited to explore the College through this website, where you will find exciting educational opportunities in dynamic academic programs. In the College of Science and Technology at Texas Southern University, cutting-edge research activities of world-class scholars and top-of-the-line laboratories enhance undergraduate and graduate student learning through participation in faculty research.

We are changing higher education to reflect the interdisciplinary mastery required for success in the information age. In our ten academic departments and seventeen specialized programs and centers of research, we are developing  cooperative relationships between disciplines to prepare students with the critical thinking and analytical skills needed for success in the new world economy. 

Society has become more complex than ever and cannot fit into single disciplines. Students need broad knowledge of many subjects and an understanding of how all the disciplines come together to explain the phenomena that we experience and work with today.  We must take care of the physical environment we live in while producing sustainable implementations of science and technology.  All of our departments focus on learning outcomes for students, to ensure that you have high quality educations.  You will develop critical thinking skills, communication skills—both written and oral—problem solving skills in an interdisciplinary environment, and research and inquiry skills.  All of these capabilities will integrate in your preparation to become competitive.

Please click on the links on this website and explore the exciting options available to you.  Welcome to the College of Science and Technology.    

Lei Yu, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor of Transportation and
Dean, College of Science and Technology