Environmental Research Technology Transfer Center (ERT2C)

Director: Dr. Bobby L. Wilson

The Missions of the ERT2C are:

To provide PI’s, faculty members, and graduate students with analytical support in environmental research..

To address student training, research problems, and technology transfer issues as it relates to the urban community and the environment.

To increase the number of under-represented minority graduates in science, mathematics, engineering and technology.

The Environmental Research and Technology Transfer Center (ERT2C) is capable of identifying and quantifying small amounts of unknown samples and generating data in the parts per billion or trillion. Many environmental samples we analyze have to be concentrated because of the small sample size or low concentration of the compound(s) of interest. Our analytical capabilities include:

Scanning Electron Microscope
Atomic Force Microscope
GC & LC Mass Spectrometers
Raman Spectrometer
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Fourier Transformed Infrared
Ultraviolet Spectrometers
Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer

Current Research Projects

Trace Metal Analysis of Primary Teeth as an Environmental Indicator.
Studies of Volatile Organic Compounds in the Urban Atmosphere of Houston, Texas.
Toluene and Xylene Induced Expression of Stress Protein Determined by Gene Array Analysis in Kidney.
The Toxicological Impact of Trace Metal Mixtures Found in Houston Drinking Water.
Study of Environmental Estrogens in Houston Waterways.

Contact Information

Bobby L. Wilson, Ph.D.
Center Director

Renard L. Thomas, Ph.D.
Center Manager

Vera A. McDaniels
MUPEP Program Coordinator

For additional information:
713-313-1060 9phone)
713-313-4217 (fax)